Need a card to use on your holiday? then look for prepaid cards online

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If you are about to go on your holidays, whether here or abroad, and would like to have the convenience and security of a plastic card at your disposal but without the potential temptation to accrue debt that comes with having credit, then applying for prepaid cards online may be the way forward.

What is a prepaid card?

Looks and usage-wise, a prepaid card is typically almost indistinguishable from any credit card. Typically they are accepted by standard card processing machines worldwide and online (internet) transactions that accept the card’s brand (eg prepaid MasterCard).

The difference between a prepaid card and a standard credit card is simply the nature of the funds that sit on the card.

In the case of a credit card, those funds are typically a permanent loan that you can ‘draw down’ as and when you wish to.

Although that may at times be very useful, for some people the risk of running up debts makes them uncomfortable.

The prepaid card typically carries no such risk. You load money onto it (typically through a PayPoint or bank transfer) and the card functions normally for all your purchases – up to the maximum amount you have loaded onto it.


You can also use it to withdraw cash from most ATMs, both at home and abroad, up to set daily limits.

It may be an excellent way of avoiding the risk of running up credit debt or providing secure money for you when you’re out and about on holiday – typically you’ll then have no worries about carrying around lots of local currency, nor having to hunt out a realistically-priced Bureau de Change. With a pre pay debit card, you can carry around the plastic and use it to pay for just about all your holiday needs.

Am I eligible?

There is no loan or credit facility with a prepaid card. As a result of that, there is often no need for a credit check and you may be able to obtain prepaid cards online even if you have a poor credit history record.

How secure is it?

A PIN protects your card. Even if it was stolen and accessed, the thief could not spend more than you had loaded onto it.

You can also typically cancel your card instantly via single security phone call.

How much does it cost?

Prepaid cards are offered by a variety of specialist providers. The costs of their services vary and are typically clearly explained on their websites, so it may be worth doing a little research and comparing prepaid cards online in order to see who is offering a suitable deal.

So, if you are looking for a debit card to use on your holiday, applying for prepaid cards online may be the solution. It is typically easy and often without excessive formalities or the need for paperwork, making it an eco-friendly way to apply for a card, too!

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